yeoni earrings

new OTP. they look so awesome together.

check it out, they're still holding hands even when the stylist is fixing their clothes.

aghsdgjashgdh so awesome. brb dying.

no seriously, this is so awesome. i've been waiting for this for so long (cue crazy love intro here)~ they've finally stopped being so ninjais and prohibiting the fans from uploading pics. thank god. i love love love love it sfm. for more action, go under the cut. :3
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yoochun-ah, i love the lyrics sfm. i love you. although i admit i love changmin more. :P hasdkjhasdbfgjsdgjf hdsgjgasdjfh loving this sfm. i am so gonna buy break out. oh and of course the best album with all of its asu wa kuru kara, toki wo tomete, amaku hateshinaku etc. goodness. i'm gonna be broke by the end of february, i swear. on a positive note, stipends come on january, so i might not be so broke after all. kekekeke~

i'm not buying the miroticon dvd. gotta support the boycott. although i agree i would have more of a dilemma if they put english subs on the darn thing. ah wells, imma just wait for my goe;ss friends to sub it. i can wait. i thought dating on earth was already burned and obliterated, but apparently not. on another note, i'll be able to watch yoochun's kissing scene with the not so pretty girl before minhee's kissing scene.

no way sfhksfgsf. damn. that drama is so hush hush i swear, there are no pictures at all. i can only rely on fan accounts of people from naver. gah this sucks. good thing my soompi friends are ever so ready to toranslate those fan accounts. apparently, they're filmed at a race track yesterday,and now they filming at a park. i can't wait to watch it, or even just see stalker pics, but nooooo, apparently they forbade people from bringing cameras in because there is not one stalker pic of the filming uploaded on the intarwebs. i shall wait for the jeju filming though, which is this weekend, to see if there is anything different. they're gonna be off to jeju in a few days, amirite?

this blog that nobody knows exists, imma post here regularly for my extra spazzing needs. :3


first post after 10 billion years of lurking in LJ. >_<

i love tvxq. that is all.

oh, and DA visit it pls: